Posted by: Joseph S. Lima | October 28, 2008

Post Numero Uno

My first post. Post Numero Uno. Drum roll please!

So I have been tossing around the idea of my own blog for quite some time.  I have considered endless titles, topics, themes, “what is my voice?”, and so on.  Time passed and no answers came to me.  Then I registered an account at the beginning of October but I did not publish anything.  More time passed.  Then I read this article today Josh Spears interviews Seth Godin.   I am taking Seth’s advice to heart (and you need to read the interview to find out what he said).

So here goes.  I am fascinated by Social Media and have wandering around (aka lurking) for a good, long time.  Reading countless blogs – great writers and thinkers.  Trying all the tools – too many and there is always a new one around the corner.  I am going to share these with you, kind reader, partly to help me collect the interesting things I have discovered and to maybe help one or two of you out there.

The other purpose of this blog is to capture and understand the impact of social media on people around the world.  What information, ideas, beliefs are being shared?  How is technology (or the lack of technology) impacting people from connecting? What are the social media norms in various countries?  And so on.

Just so you know, I will try to post articles several times a week.  The first few posts will be my take on Social Media 101…maybe I will set up a separate tab.

For now, let’s wander the world of social media together.


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